chemicals industry

chemicals industry

Ocean Plastics

Consumers and industry play vital parts in keeping waste out of oceans IBWA recognizes and supports efforts to reduce plastic use and educate consumers about ways they can help keep waste out of our oceans and litter off our shorelines. Of all the plastic waste in the...

Battle of the bottle: Opposing sides talk bottled water views

You already know that talk of politics or religion brings about spirited and emotional debates. Would you be surprised to know that bottled water has a similar effect? Yes, the package, typically made out of polyethylene terephthalate (PET), has received quite a bit...


Founded in 1998, Semopac produces by extrusion-blow molding of containers polymers intended for commercial bottled water. The company also offers personalized custom manufacturing.

Enviro Pure, Inc.

Water purification systems and service including Aquafine-Trojan UV systems, 4 Log validated UV systems, filter housings, cartridge filters, RO membranes, Prop 65 tested carbon, bulk filter media, NSF approved RO cleaning chemicals, complete water systems and...



Bottled water packaging has the lowest environmental footprint of all packaged drinks. Bottled water companies put as much care into their packaging as they do their water, opting for materials that protect the health and safety of their consumers while leaving a...

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