Bottler Membership

Bottler Membership

Bottler membership is defined as a company that bottles or packages water for sale within the United States.

IBWA Membership offers companies access to the resources they need to achieve and maintain compliance with all federal, state and local regulations, to produce a safe quality product and to stay competitive within the marketplace.

Membership in IBWA offers real value. The return on investment for your dues dollars is significant when compared to the financial and human resources you would need to stay abreast of the bottled water industry on a daily basis. Instead, join IBWA and let your membership dues work for you by providing you:

  • Assistance with science and technology issues
  • Education and Training
  • Public Relations support
  • Powerful advocacy within the state and national legislatures
  • Opportunities to network with peers
  • Exposure to promote your business to potential clients

For more information, email IBWA or call 703-647-4615.