Distributor Membership

Distributor Membership


Distributor membership within IBWA includes those companies that do not produce or bottle water and are a distributor for at least one IBWA bottler member.
Bottled water distributors are the front lines of the industry interacting with customers about the many issues facing bottled water. IBWA distributor membership provides technical, regulatory, public relations and legislative support to actively meet your needs.
Other benefits of IBWA distributor membership include:
  • Through publications, web site, educational seminars and staff assistance, IBWA works to ensure that route sales people and retail outlets are informed and have the necessary information to assist their customers.
  • IBWA’s lobbying activities promote comprehensive, science-based research to federal, state and local law makers—ensuring that the interests of bottled water distributors are safeguarded.
  • Discounted rates to attend at IBWA Trade Shows where you’ll learn ways to cut costs, re-energize your business,  improve your customer relations and implement route management best practices.
  • Networking opportunities with peers and potential customers


“All the knowledge that IBWA provided would have cost me thousands of dollars to create and learn on my own. IBWA helps us keep up, while truly serving as the voice of the industry. IBWA gives us power in numbers.”

Marty Conte, Diamond Springs Water 

For more information, email cbass@bottledwater.org or call 703-647-4615.


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