Oasis Pure Drinking Water Company

Oasis Pure Drinking Water company

As a leading water brand in the UAE since 1984, Oasis Pure Drinking Water Company has always placed quality, innovation, and community at the heart of its business. Oasis’ belief in ‘Together for Good’ means that the company always adheres to the highest safety and hygiene standards, champion environmentally-conscious practices throughout its operational processes, and continue to enhance its customer experience through improved levels of efficiency and responsiveness.

All Oasis products are bottled under strict international quality guidelines, using state-of-the-
art technology. Oasis is accredited by various international agencies and holds HACCP,
IBWA, and ISO certifications.

Private label bottler. Oasis produces high-quality drinking water in a variety of sizes and formats. Oasis is also the only producer of sparkling water in the GCC.

Contact Information

PO Box 61130, near Dubal
Exit 25 Sheikh Zayed Road Jebel Ali
Dubai, U.A.E. 61130
Phone: 00971.488.43162
Fax: 00971.488.45660
Emails: [email protected]
[email protected]
Website: www.oasiscome2life.com
Facebook: facebook.com/oasiswateruae
Instagram: instagram.com/ouroasisuae
Contact: Sajid Abbasi, QC Manager


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