January 31, 2007

After completing its Board and Committee meetings in San Antonio, the International Bottled Water Association (IBWA) on January 25, 2007, donated approximately 150 cases of bottled water to several local charities.

Working with the Hyatt Regency San Antonio, where the Association's meetings were held, IBWA donated the bottled water to: St. Peter – St. Joseph's Children's Home, which serves as a home for abused children and assists families during a crisis; San Antonio Battered Women's Shelter, which helps women who have been victims of domestic abuse; and SAM Ministries, which helps the homeless, and those at risk of becoming homeless, attain self-sufficiency.

IBWA member companies providing the bottled water were: CCDA Waters, DS Waters of America, Mountain Valley Spring, Music Mountain Water, Nestle Waters North America, and Sparkle Spring Water.

"IBWA is proud to assist these deserving charities," said IBWA President Joseph K. Doss. "We are glad to help these organizations stay prepared and serve their communities by providing a beverage with consistent safety, quality, convenience, and good taste."

For more information about IBWA, bottled water, or FDA and state bottled water regulations and standards, please contact Tom Gardner, communications manager, at 703-647-4607 or tgardner@bottledwater.org.