IBWA Statement on the Reversal of Concord, MA, Bottled Water Sales Ban

IBWA Statement on the Reversal of Concord, MA, Bottled Water Sales Ban

For Immediate Release

July 22, 2010


Alexandria, VA — The Massachusetts Attorney General’s office on July 8, 2010, overturned a decision made last spring at an annual Town Meeting in Concord that would have completely banned the sale of bottled water within the town limits. The AG office’s decision declaring Concord’s vote to be null and void was based on procedural errors. The International Bottled Water Association (IBWA) supports the AG’s decision because it will allow consumers to continue to have access to safe, healthy, convenient bottled water products.


After the initial decision at the Town Meeting to ban the sale of bottled water last spring, the Concord selectmen (Board) reconsidered the matter and voted to support the motivation of the ban, but also voted not to attempt to enforce the ban unless they heard otherwise from the AG’s office. Concord enjoys thousands of tourists who will have no problem finding thirst-quenching bottled water for sale as they stroll through the historic town this summer. Ironically, Concord’s attempted sales ban on bottled water came only a few days before nearby Boston, MA, endured a major boil alert leaving 2 million people without clean tap water over a 3-day period. Bottled water companies worked around the clock to provide consumers with safe drinking water during the emergency. Had Concord’s ban become effective and had such a boil alert taken place in Concord, consumers there would not have easily obtained safe drinking water.


In the future, should Concord’s leaders and residents continue to discuss what place bottled water may have there, IBWA and its members would welcome the opportunity to be included in those discussions. Bottled water is just one of thousands of products packaged in plastic, and there is no reason for it to be treated any differently. All product containers and packaging require responsible, post-consumer disposal through comprehensive recycling programs – something IBWA and its members fully support.

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