Quench your thirst for knowledge with the International Bottled Water Association’s publications and resources guide for the bottled water industry!

Whether you are a consumer seeking general information on bottled water, an entrepreneur looking to start your own bottled water business or a plant operator preparing for your CPO examinations, IBWA is your resource for expertise and information.  We have a wide range of valuable publications and industry resources for IBWA members and non-members alike.

Ordering IBWA Publications

  1. Review the list of publications to find what you need
  2. Use the price list to confirm the cost of each item
  3. Use the order form to purchase the publication(s)
  4. Fax your completed publication order forms to 703.683.4074

Please allow 3-5 business days for shipping.

If you have any questions regarding publications or orders,
please contact Linda Alfakir at 703.647.4612 or lalfakir@bottledwater.org.