National Drinking Water Week a Time to Celebrate Choice

International Bottled Water Association | NEWS RELEASE | May 6, 2009

National Drinking Water Week a Time to Celebrate Choice

ALEXANDRIA, VA – The International Bottled Water Association supports National Drinking Water Week as a time to celebrate water choice: Be it from the tap or from a bottle, staying hydrated is a key part of maintaining good health.

In the United States, both bottled water and tap water are heavily regulated, tested for quality and considered safe to drink. The decision to choose one over another largely depends on an individual’s tastes or need for convenience.  As with many foods, water –whether tap or bottled — tastes differently to different people. Some people are discerning about the source of their water, while others prefer not to have the odor and taste of chlorine.  And then there are those who can’t tell the difference between any of the waters available to them.

“The freedom to choose our drinking water is being challenged by activists who discourage people from consuming bottled water,” says Tom Lauria, Vice President of Communications, International Bottled Water Association. “Bottled water is a safe, healthy, convenient food product and any efforts to discourage its consumption are not in the public interest.”

“This is not a tap vs. bottled water issue. Most people drink both, depending upon the circumstances,“ Lauria continued.  “Bottled water comes from both groundwater and municipal water sources. The bottled water industry supports comprehensive groundwater management policies and strong and adequate funding for municipal water infrastructure.”

“National Drinking Water Week is a time to celebrate having choices about the water we drink.  As Americans we are fortunate to enjoy the freedom to choose our drinking source water – be it tap, filtered or bottled – and it is healthy to stay hydrated with water,” Lauria said.


The International Bottled Water Association (IBWA) is the authoritative source of information about all types of bottled waters, including spring, mineral, purified, artesian, and sparkling. Founded in 1958, IBWA’s membership includes U.S. and international bottlers, distributors and suppliers. IBWA is committed to working with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), which regulates bottled water as a packaged food product, to set comprehensive and stringent standards for safe, high-quality bottled water products.  

In addition to FDA regulations, IBWA member bottlers must adhere to the IBWA Bottled Water Code of Practice, which mandates additional standards and practices that in some cases are more stringent than federal and state regulations. A key feature of the IBWA Bottled Water Code of Practice is a mandatory annual plant inspection by an independent, third-party organization.  

IBWA is proud to be a partner with Keep America Beautiful and a supporter of Drink Up, an initiative of former First Lady Michelle Obama and the Partnership for a Healthier America (PHA), which encourages Americans to drink more water more often – whether from the tap, a filter, or in a bottle. Choosing water is always the healthy choice.