Other Membership Levels

Other Membership Levels


Water is essential for human life. Finding and distributing clean drinking water has been a challenge globally for many centuries.

Today, most consumers get their drinking water from three main sources:

Water has varying characteristics depending on the water’s source. Water can be collected from surface sources such as rivers, streams, lakes, and glaciers.  Water can also come from underground sources such as wells, springs, and aquifers.

Precipitation is another source of water, resulting from rain and snow, and it can also be made from sea water using desalination technology. Additionally, most water contains naturally occurring dissolved minerals and chemicals, which within set limits are safe to consume.

Candidate Bottler and Affilate Membership

Candidate Bottler Program

Through the Candidate Bottler program, IBWA offers assistance to bottlers in achieving compliance with all U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulations as well as all IBWA Bottler Member plant inspection and IBWA Code of Practice requirements.  Candidates may stay in the program for up to two years. 

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Affilate Program

IBWA’s Affiliate Program is designed to assist an individual or company who’s interest is in establishing a bottled water or packaging business but are not yet in operations.

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“Whenever there is a bottled water issue in the press, IBWA is the best source of good solid information to communicate to our customers.”

– Tom Seeman, Vineyard Bottled Waters

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