What is the IBWA PAC? 
IBWA PAC is the political action committee for the International Bottled Water Association (IBWA). The PAC was created to help protect and promote the interests of IBWA’s members and the bottled water industry.


What does the IBWA PAC do for the industry?
IBWA uses the PAC to:

  • ​Build relationships with policymakers and educate legislators about issues impacting bottled water.
  • Support the election or reelection of candidates who understand the issues we face and will support sound public policies affecting our industry.

PAC Progress Report for 2017 -2018

The IBWA PAC was very busy during the 2017-19 election cycle. The PAC broke fundraising records as well as made contributions to several Members of Congress. Click HERE to view the 2017-18 PAC Progress Report.




Visit the IBWA PAC Member-Only Website
To log in to the IBWA PAC Member-Only website, your company must have submitted an Authorization to Solicit form for 2019. Click HERE to log in. Please contact IBWA for the username and password if you do not already have one or both.


Become an IBWA PAC Program Corporate Sponsor 
The success of the IBWA PAC would not be possible without the financial support of IBWA’s member companies supporting IBWA in administering PAC activities and events. If your company would like to become a PAC Program Sponsor in 2019, click HERE or please contact Cory Martin, IBWA Vice President of Government Relations, at (703) 647-4618 or


Be in the Know—Submit your company’s Authorization to Solicit form

If you don’t receive news about the IBWA PAC, it is most likely because IBWA does not have your company’s “Authorization to Solicit” form!  Click HERE to fill out this form today.


How does the IBWA PAC distribute contributions?

The PAC uses several criteria to determine who should receive   financial support for their campaign.  This includes:

  • Are they a champion of a bottled water issue?
  • Do they represent IBWA member facilities?
  • Do they serve on key congressional committees?
  • Do they hold a leadership position in Congress?
  • Do they have a record of supporting the industry?
  • Did an IBWA member refer them?