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Packaging Subcommittee

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Mission Statement
IBWA’s Packaging Task Force, established by IBWA’s standing Technical Committee, provides a forum for industry members to Discuss and share technical information relating to packaging materials for bottled water products. The Task Force includes IBWA bottler and supplier members. The mission of the Task Force includes the development of recommendations, guidelines or voluntary standards (hereinafter, collectively “voluntary standards”) for limiting the negative impact of packaging materials on bottled water.

Policy Statement
Any voluntary standards developed by the Task Force shall be non-binding. No IBWA member shall be required to adopt or comply with such voluntary standards as a condition of membership in the association.

Individual IBWA bottler and supplier members will determine whether and, if so, how they may adopt or implement any voluntary standards developed by the Task Force. As a matter of policy, such topics will not be discussed at any Task Force meeting or among IBWA members at any IBWA-sponsored event.

The Packaging Task Force is open to all IBWA members, as well as all suppliers of packaging materials to the bottled water industry, regardless or whether such suppliers are members of IBWA. The participation of packaging suppliers is actively encouraged and, at all points in the voluntary standards development process, the Packaging Task Force will seek input from as many such suppliers as possible.

All meetings of the Packaging Task Force will have written agendas reviewed in advance by counsel. Minutes of all meetings of the Task Force will be prepared by IBWA staff, reviewed by counsel, and circulated among Task Force participants.

Packaging Task Force Documents

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