Bulk (Tanker) Water Seller

Ozarka Water & Coffee Service

Private label bottler. Bulk water seller.

729 S.W. 3rd
Oklahoma, OK 73109

Phone: (405) 235.8474

Dean’s Water Service Inc.

Bulk water seller.

950 Jessop Place
Washington, PA 15301

Phone: (724) 225.1002

Hamidiye Kaynak Sulari A.S.

Bulk water seller. Hamidiye water is drawn from 15 wells that go 200 meters into the ground under the Belgrade Forest. The Hamidiye water company, established in 1902 by Ottoman Sultan Abdülhamit II, is one of Istanbul's oldest brands. Website: www.hamidiye.istanbul Phone: +90.212.360.13.33

Mithatpasa Mah. Selanik Bulvari No: 1
Istanbul, Turkey

Rim Natural Spring Mineral Waters S.A.L.

Rim Natural Spring Mineral Water flows forth from a 100 million year old spring known as “Ain-As-Sayfiyeh” at an altitude of 1450 m.a.s.l. in Lebanon. The Rim bottling plant houses some of the largest and most up to date complete, first-class European bottling lines in the Middle-East region with an output of more than 70,000 (PET) bottles per hour, of various sizes. International phone: +961.4.528004.

Antelias Highway, Nihako Building 1st Floor
PO Box 70175
Antelias, Lebanon

Premium Waters, Inc. - Nicolet Forest Plant

Bulk water seller. Private label bottler. 5-gallon producer. HOD distributor. Custom label PET packages for special event and branding opportunities.

15201 County Hwy W
Mountain, WI 54149

Phone: (715) 276.3434

Nestlé Waters North America

Bulk water seller, private label bottler, and bottled water products.

900 Long Ridge Road, Building 2
Stamford, CT 06902

Phone: (203) 531.4100

Berkshire Springs, Inc.

Family owned and operated, Berkshire Springs has bottled at the source since 1970. Bottling private label 5 and 3 gallon plus 2 sizes small pack: 16.9 & 20 ounce with flat or sports caps. For more information, visit www.berkshirespings.com and facebook.com/berkshirespringwater.

772 Norfolk Road
Southfield, MA 01259

Phone: (413) 229.2086

Aqua Falls Bottled Water

Bulk water seller. Private label bottler.

7606 Dayton Road
Fairborn, Ohio 45324

Phone: (800) 800.8124

Water House

Privately owned and operated debt-free business, offering the best in clear, crisp, refreshing bottled mountain spring and distilled water in North Georgia. Proud to have earned IBWA’s “Excellence in Manufacturing” award and have two IBWA Certified Plant Operators on staff. Producing over 100,000 gallons of bottled water per week. Bulk water seller.

94 Willow Creek Drive
Blue Ridge, GA 30513

Phone: (706) 946.1707

Scheopner’s Water Conditioning

Private label bottler. Bulk water seller.

2203 E. Fulton Plaza
Garden City, KS 67846

Phone: (620) 275.5121


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