April 2023 Toolkit

April 3: National Public Health Week

According to the Dietary Guidelines for Americans, the leading source of added sugars in the American diet is sugar-sweetened beverages. Take a moment to practice healthy habits and participate in #NationalPublicHealthWeek by switching your sugar-filled beverage with a zero-calorie, zero-sugar bottle of water! #DrinkMoreWater

Learn More: https://www.cdc.gov/nutrition/data-statistics/added-sugars.html

Any Day: Take A Water Break

Have you been drinking enough water? 💦 While there is no one-cup-fits-all answer, the Institute of Medicine offers these recommendations for water consumption from foods and liquids: men 3.7 liters (125 ounces) and women 2.7 liters (91 ounces) each day.

Not there yet? This is your sign to #TakeAWaterBreak.

Learn More: https://bottledwater.org/how-much-water-should-i-drink-a-day/

Any Day: Regulation

Did you know? Bottled water is tested up to 36 times more frequently than tap water? In addition to those tests, FDA stringently regulates bottled water—the water and the packaging—to ensure it is safe for consumption. #StayHydrated and be confident that you’re consuming the safe, healthy hydration option.

#DrinkMoreWater #AlwaysRecycle

Learn More: https://www.fda.gov/consumers/consumer-updates/bottled-water-everywhere-keeping-it-safe 


Any Day: Healthy

Today’s Mood: happy, healthy, and hydrated 💧 #StayHydrated #HealthyHydration #DrinkMoreWater

Any Day: Regulation

Our bodies and health depend on water 💧 So, it’s important for you to feel confident in the water you drink. Bottled water, which is strictly regulated by FDA, must legally meet the same stringent requirements EPA sets for tap water—plus more! #StaySafe #StayHydrated

Any Day: Convenience

Dehydration can happen anywhere, anytime, and waits for no one. Stay on top of your game by bringing America’s favorite #HealthyHydration option with you wherever you go! #DrinkMoreWater #AlwaysRecycle

April 22: Earth Day

Every day provides us with an opportunity to work on ourselves. Start your #EarthDay off right by taking a moment to grab a bottled water, get outside, breathe, and appreciate the Earth — and don’t forget to #recycle! Every time you make the choice to recycle, you’re saving energy, using resources wisely, and fighting to improve the environment. 🌎#CelebrateTheEarth #RecycleRight

Any Day: Convenience

When you’re hydrated, you’re happy. Keep the good mood going for your full day ahead with bottled water, whether it’s a busy day at the office or a day of errands, #HydrationStaysWithYou. #StayHydrated #StayHappy

Any Day: Recycling

One little habit can make all the difference! Did you know that bottled water is 100% recyclable? When recycling, make sure that your bottle is completely empty with the cap back on — yes, the cap is recyclable too — and simply place your bottle into the nearest recycling bin. Now the next bottle in that lifecycle will use 66% less energy to create — all because you took that extra, simple step. #RecycleRight #HealthyHabits

Learn more: https://www.wqpmag.com/bottled-water/news/10972916/data-show-bottled-water-containers-use-more-recycled-pet-plastic-than-before