August 2022 Toolkit

POST ANY DAY: Looking for educational content for your kids? Have a listen to “The Water Song” – a sing-along video for children that promotes water as the best drink choice for healthy hydration! Check out the YouTube video: #SmartKidsAreHydrated #DrinkMoreWater

POST ANY DAY: Are your kids heading back to school soon? Make sure they are keeping hydrated with water! Research shows that increased water consumption may boost cognition among children. Learn more at #DrinkMoreWater #HydrationFastFact #Back2School

POST AUG. 8, INTERNATIONAL CAT DAY: Cats have a weak sense of thirst, which is why some people prefer to give their cats wet food to help ensure water consumption. Experts at Cornell University’s College of Veterinary Medicine say that all cats should have constant access to fresh, clean water, regardless of whether your cat eats wet or dry food. Learn more: #InternationalCatDay #DrinkMoreWater

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POST ANY DAY: DID YOU KNOW? Water plays a vital role in many bodily functions, including physiological processes like body temperature regulation and transportation of nutrients. #DrinkMoreWater #HydrationFastFact

POST ANY DAY: A fun-filled day of hiking requires packing some healthy hydration, so make sure to take bottled water with you. You’ll also want to hold on to your empty bottles until you can find a recycle bin for proper disposal, with the caps on, of course! #DrinkMoreWater #Recycle

POST ANY DAY: Looking to help the environment? There’s one simple thing #YouCan do to make a difference: Recycle. For more than 10 years, the recycling rate for all PET plastic bottles has hovered around 29%. We must work together to increase recycling rates and allow for more products to be made from recycled content. You recycle and—the bottled water industry—#WeWill use those recycled bottles to create new bottles and keep this valuable plastic out of landfills. Lead the way. Be the example. Always recycle. #PutItInTheBin #Recycle

POST ANY DAY: DID YOU KNOW? PET bottled water containers use significantly fewer fossil fuels than aluminum cans, beverage cartons, glass bottles, and PET soda bottles. #BottledWater is the most environmentally friendly packaged beverage on the market. #DrinkMoreWater #ResearchMatters

POST AUG. 30, NATIONAL BEACH DAY: Listening to the soothing sound of waves crashing on the shore while enjoying the sun on your face never gets old. If you’re heading out to the beach today, remember that swimming won’t be enough to keep you cool. Pack #BottledWater as your #HealthyHydration beverage choice to help keep your body running smoothly in the heat! And don’t forget to keep your empty bottles with you until you find the nearest recycle bin. #DrinkMoreWater #Recycle

POST ANY DAY: Bottled water is regulated by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and ensures that all bottled water products are safe to consume. That oversight extends to all bottled water packaging. FDA approves of any packaging material used to protect bottled water from contamination. The fact that all bottled water packaging is recyclable is an added bonus! Read more: