February 2022 Toolkit

POST ANY DAY: How are those New Year’s Resolutions going one month in? If one of your goals was to live a healthy lifestyle, sipping water throughout the day should be a part of it, as water can help you stay hydrated and energized. That’s just one of the helpful tips you’ll find in this article about smart lifestyle goals: bit.ly/3nECQ40 #DrinkMoreWater #HealthyHydration

POST ANY DAY: What goes into constructing a bottled water plant? How does a bottled water company protect its water source? Find out in this episode of the “H2O In The Know” podcast about water resource management: bit.ly/3IlaO5u #DrinkMoreWater #BottledWater

Excited to watch the Big Game today? Remember, it’s OK to enjoy all the snacks and other goodies once it all kicks off—but don’t get flagged for dehydration! Sip water throughout the day, so you’re alert and ready to see which team becomes the next King of the Gridiron. #TakeAWaterBreak #TheBigGame #DrinkMoreWater

POST FEB. 14, VALENTINE’S DAY: On Valentine’s Day, love is in the air…and in the water bottle! Did you know that being just 1-2% dehydrated can affect your mood and focus? Don’t be distracted this Valentine’s Day! Keep the focus on your love by sipping bottled water throughout the day! #ValentinesDay #DrinkMoreWater

POST ANY DAY: Most people may not know the terms HDPE or rHDPE, but they are likely very familiar with the products made from this valuable plastic—like jugs for bottled water or milk. In fact, many food products are packaged in HDPE/rHDPE containers. Learn more in this video. #Recycling #PutItInTheBin youtube.com/watch?v=C58sPUhBz9M 

PET plastic is among the best packaging materials for protecting food and drink contents from contamination and/or spoilage. It’s is FDA-approved, 100% recyclable, and highly sought-after by packaging manufacturers. Always make sure your empty PET bottle gets a second life—by always recycling! PET plastic is easily identified—just look for the #1 code on or near the bottom of a product. #PlasticFacts #PutItInTheBin

a bottle of items on a table

POST ANY DAY: You never know when the next big winter storm will hit or how it will impact your life. Prepare now by putting together an emergency kit for your home, office, and car. FEMA recommends having commercially produced bottled water as part of your emergency preparedness kit—at least 1 gallon per person per day for several days, for drinking and sanitation. Learn more: www.ready.gov/water #BottledWater #BePrepared 

POST ANY DAY: DID YOU KNOW? Foods and beverages that are introduced to children from birth to 5 years of age often shape the health behaviors that they follow into and throughout adulthood, underscoring the importance of establishing healthy habits early. Simple exposure to healthy choices, including choosing water instead of sugar-sweetened beverages, can help ensure your child is happy and healthy. #DrinkMoreWater #HydrationFastFact