July 2023 Toolkit

July 4: Independence Day

Cheers to a safe, happy, and hydrated 4th of July! 🇺🇸 #DrinkMoreWater #4thOfJuly

Cheers to a safe, happy, and hydrated 4th of July! 🇺🇸 #DrinkMoreWater #4thOfJuly

Stay refreshed this summer with bottled water, readily available from a water cooler or a convenient, on-the-go container. Whether you’re lounging by the pool or out and about, you can count on bottled water to quench your thirst whenever you need it.💧 Remember, if you’re thirsty, you’re already dehydrated so don’t forget to take water breaks throughout the day to ensure proper hydration! #ConvenientHydration #DrinkMoreWater

July 11: National Slurpee Day

Going for a Slurpee run today? While it’s okay to have the occasional sugary beverage, be sure to pick up the healthiest hydration option out there: bottled water. Zero-calories, zero-sugar, zero-caffeine, 100% healthy hydration, and 100% safe and FDA regulated. #NationalSlurpeeDay


Any Day: Health

According to Georgie Adams, PT at A Fine Balance, “thirsty muscles move slowly and can’t bear as much weight, which leads to sluggish performance.” Whether you’re an athlete or an active person, you are at risk of dehydrating faster than those that are less active. Always keep your bottled water handy to stay hydrated and at peak performance! 💪🏻 Read more: https://bit.ly/430dBe0 #DrinkMoreWater

Any Day: Regulation

Did you know that bottled water undergoes extensive testing, up to 36 times more often than tap water on a gallon for gallon basis?🔬💧 And the FDA works to ensure bottled water products are safe for consumption—including approving the packaging materials used for bottled water containers. 🧐 So, when you grab a bottled of water, you can trust it’s not only refreshing but also meets strict quality standards. Read more bit.ly/2S4Qxdq #SafeHydration #DrinkMoreWater

Any Day: Recycling

♻️ Recycling is a very important part of sustainability—and a beverage’s container type is too! Along with being the MOST recycled plastic material, bottled water is littered less and has the least environmental impact compared to all other drink packaging types. Read more: https://bit.ly/bwfootprint #RecycleRight #PackagingFacts

Any Day: Healthy Hydration

If you make being healthy a top priority, you already know that water is the best choice for healthy hydration compared to sugar-filled sports drinks or juices. 💦 Water has zero calories, zero sugar, zero sweeteners, zero caffeine, and is 100% produced for human consumption and hydration! #HealthyHydration

Any Day: Environment

Did you know that bottled water is the most environmentally friendly packaged beverage on the market? It’s true! 🌎 The environmental footprint for bottled water is smaller than any other packaged beverage product—and that includes aluminum cans. 👀 Just take a look at this link to find out why: https://bit.ly/bwfootprint #RecyclingFacts #PlasticFacts

Any Day: Convenience

Summer is here and so is the heat! ☀️ While outdoors and in the sun, be sure to bring a bottle of water with you everywhere you go. Dehydration waits for no one! #DrinkMoreWater #StayHydrated