June 2022 Toolkit

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POST ON JUNE 1, FIRST DAY OF HURRICANE SEASON: June 1 marks the beginning of hurricane season. NOAA predicts it will be an above-average season, with 6-10 possible hurricanes, and with 3-6 of those being considered “major.” If you live in a storm-prone area, it’s critical to begin preparing your emergency kits now. FEMA advises that bottled water is the safest and most reliable drinking water following a severe storm, and recommends that people store at least 1 gallon of water per person, per day for several days for drinking and sanitation. Learn more at www.ready.gov/water. #BePrepared

POST ANY DAY: If you are heading out to exercise today, remember the importance of drinking water before, during, and after. “If you’re well hydrated, your heart doesn’t have to work as hard,” says John Batson, MD. That’s because when you keep the body hydrated your heart has an easier time of pumping blood through your blood vessels to your muscles—helping your muscles work more efficiently. Read more about the need to stay hydrated while exercising: bit.ly/3voQ1If #DrinkMoreWater #StayHealthy

POST ANY DAY: Finding a recycling bin can sometimes be hard when you live, work, or play in the city. That’s why it’s important to #PackItOut. Make the conscious decision to keep your recyclables with you until you’re able to dispose of them properly in a recycling bin. #PutItInTheBin #PackItOut #Recycle

POST ON JUNE 19, FATHER’S DAY: As a Dad, your kids watch everything you do. And when you choose to drink water, you set a healthy example that will help put your kids on the path to making healthy drink choices for a lifetime. So today, we celebrate you, Dad! You’re influencing your kids more than you know, and we’re thankful for you! #HappyFathersDay

POST ON JUNE 23, NATIONAL HYDRATION DAY: You’re probably aware that drinking water is a healthy habit, but do you know about the critical role water consumption can play in healthy aging? Learn all about it today, on #NationalHydrationDay, by listening to the latest episode of the “H2O In The Know” podcast, available at bit.ly/3Mr1orl or on Apple, Google, Spotify, or Stitcher. #DrinkMoreWater #HealthyAging

POST ANY DAY: With summer approaching, it’s important to remember that dehydration can occur quickly in the summer heat. Even if your kids are keeping cool by swimming in the pool or ocean, keep bottled water handy to help ensure they stay hydrated. #HydrationFastFact

POST ANY DAY: If you prefer to stay inside during the hot summer months, remember that bottled water is the best go-to drink to quench your thirst—because even in a cool, air-conditioned room you can become dehydrated! Having bottled water delivered straight to your door is a great at-home convenience. #DrinkMoreWater #BottledWater


POST ANY DAY: In a one-on-one comparison, a life-cycle review of the PET water bottle versus the PET soda bottle shows that the water bottle has the least impact on the environment. The PET water bottle weighs less—and ultimately that means less impact from material extraction and manufacturing, resulting in less material entering landfills or needing to be recycled. (And you should always recycle your PET water bottles!) #DrinkMoreWater #Facts

POST ANY DAY: Bottled water is regulated as a food product by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The agency works to ensure that all bottled water products are safe for consumption—and that includes approving the packaging materials used for bottled water containers. Read more: bit.ly/2S4Qxdq