October 2022 Toolkit

POST OCT. 1, INTERNATIONAL COFFEE DAY: Need a boost this morning? Get things going on #InternationalCoffeeDay by drinking roughly 20-30oz of your favorite, room temperature #BottledWater before drinking your favorite coffee. Read more here about the benefits of drinking water before your morning cup o’ joe: https://bit.ly/3SkdvJY #WaterFirst #DrinkMoreWater

POST OCT. 3, NATIONAL CHILD HEALTH DAY: Did you know that introducing healthy foods and beverages to children from birth to 5 years of age often shapes the health behaviors that they follow throughout adulthood? Simple exposure to healthy choices, including choosing water instead of sugar-sweetened beverages, can help ensure your child is happy and healthy for years to come. #NationalChildHealthDay #DrinkMoreWater #HealthyHydration

POST ANY DAY: When a natural disaster occurs, you can count on bottled water companies to be there providing communities with safe, clean drinking water when you need it most. To help ensure you are ready for any emergency, FEMA recommends preparing your emergency kits with commercially purchased bottled water, which is the safest, most reliable drinking water. Learn more: www.ready.gov/water #HurricaneSeason #BePrepared Photo: courtesy of IBWA member Niagara Bottling

POST OCT. 10, WORLD MENTAL HEALTH DAY: On this #WorldMentalHealthDay, we want to make sure you are prioritizing your mental health year-round—a simple tool to do this is to make sure you are drinking enough water. Did you know that drinking water has been scientifically proven to improve your mood and decreased the risk of depression and anxiety? Learn all about it: https://bit.ly/3BRlG9B. #DrinkMoreWater

POST ANY DAY: When recycling your bottled water bottles, make sure to put the cap on! This simple step helps to ensure all plastic is recycled, as the small caps can sometimes slip through gaps in the recycling machinery. The plastic in both the bottle and the cap are valuable and can be used to make other items such as clothing and decking—and yes, new bottles too! #RecycleRight #PlasticFacts #PutItInTheBin

POST OCT. 17, NATIONAL PUMPKIN DAY: Nothing says “Halloween is coming” quite like pumpkins! On this #NationalPumpkinDay, go out and grab a pumpkin and get your supplies ready to carve itand don’t forget to stay hydrated on the go with bottled water! Pro-tip: don’t carve those pumpkins until the week of Halloween otherwise they’ll rot before the big day. #Halloween

POST ANY DAY: Bottled water is regulated by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) as a food product. This means that the FDA has oversight over not only the contents of your bottled water but also the packaging. The FDA approves any packaging material used to protect bottled water from contamination. Learn more here: bit.ly/2S4Qxdq #DrinkMoreWater #HealthyHydration

POST ANY DAY: Fall sports are in full swing and nothing is more refreshing during or after a game than cold #BottleWater—but remember, it is just as important to drink water before you exercise as it is during and after. Read more about hydration and the heart here: bit.ly/3voQ1If #DrinkMoreWater #HealthyHydration

POST OCT. 31: Halloween can be fun and scary, but nothing is scarier than dehydration! That’s why it’s important to sip water throughout the day and keep yourself hydrated. DID YOU KNOW: If you’re thirsty – you’re already 1% to 2% dehydrated. Now that’s spooky! #StayHydrated #StayHealthy #StaySafe