September 2022 Toolkit

POST SEPT. 3, NATIONAL TAILGATING DAY: Football season is coming 🏈 Today is National Tailgating Day, so when thinking about your next tailgate, remember that bottled water comes in various sizes, including returnable 5-gallon bottles (convenient for larger gatherings) and individual serving sizes. No matter your choice, providing #HealthyHydration is a must for your next tailgate! #DrinkMoreWater #BottledWater

POST ANY DAY: Recycled PET (rPET) pellets, like those made from your recycled bottled water containers, are used in more products than you think, and some of your favorite brands may use Recycled Polyester Fabric (rPET Fabrics) made from these pellets. Statistics by Greener Fabrics, a leading provider of rPET fabrics, indicate that rPET fabrics require 85% less energy, 65% fewer emissions, 50-65% less Carbon and Sulphur Dioxide, and require 90% less water to produce than new (virgin) polyester fabric. #DrinkMoreWater #Recycle

POST SEPT. 5, LABOR DAY: Whether you’re having a relaxing staycation or spending Labor Day on the lake, don’t forget to bring bottled water with you to stay hydrated on this unofficial Last Day of Summer! And remember: recycle those bottles with the cap on. Good recycling habits never take the day off! #DrinkMoreWater

POST ANY DAY: Did you know that as we age our thirst sensation naturally decreases? Because of this, research shows that 20-30% of seniors are chronically dehydrated, which could lead to kidney damage, muscle damage, and hypovolemic shock. In honor of #HealthyAgingMonth, take a moment to listen to our podcast where we discuss the important role water consumption and healthy hydration play in healthy aging: #HealthyHabits #DrinkMoreWater

POST ANY DAY: We are in the middle of hurricane season, so make sure you have your emergency kits ready. FEMA advises that people should stock at least 1 gallon of water per person, per day for several days, for drinking and sanitation. #HurricaneSeason #BePrepared

POST SEPT. 22, FIRST DAY OF FALL: FALL in love with #HealthyHabits this season — like daily walks and drinking water. Today, grab a #BottledWater and head outside for a walk to celebrate the #FirstDayOfFall!

POST ANY DAY: DID YOU KNOW? By law, FDA standards for bottled water must be at least as protective of public health as EPA standards for tap water. But sometimes, bottled water standards are more stringent. FDA provides this example: “Because lead can leach from pipes as water travels from water utilities to home faucets, EPA has set its limit for lead in public drinking water water at 15 parts per billion (ppb). For bottled water, for which lead pipes aren’t used, the lead limit is set at 5 ppb.” When you want to be safe, choose bottled water as your #HealthyHydration choice. Learn more about the FDA and EPA Water Regulations here:

POST ANY DAY: With the brisk, fall weather rolling in, you’ll be spending more time outside. Whether it’s yoga in the park, going for a jog, or playing a competitive sport, studies show that losing as little as 2% of your body’s water content can negatively affect your physical performance! So remember, bring bottled water with you when you exercise and stay hydrated! #DrinkMoreWater