Joseph Doss
703.647.4605 / [email protected]

Robert R. Hirst
Senior Vice President
Education, Science, and Technical Relations
703.647.4611 / [email protected]

Jill Culora
Vice President, Communications
703.647.4609 / [email protected]

Cory Martin
Vice President, Government Relations
703.647.4618 /[email protected]

Michele Campbell
Director of Conventions, Trade Shows and Meetings
703.647.4606 / [email protected]

Sabrina Hicks 
Director of Communications
703.647.4601 / [email protected]

Al Lear
Director of Science and Research
703.647.4614 / [email protected]

James P. Toner, Jr.
Director of Government Relations
703.647.4616 / [email protected]

Cheryl Bass
Manager of Member Services
703.647.4615 / [email protected]

Chris Torres
Communications Coordinator
703.647.4608 / [email protected] 

Linda Amar
Program Coordinator, Education, Science, and Technical Relations
703.647.4612 / [email protected]

Executive Assistant
703.647.4610 / [email protected]

Accounting Department
703.647.4604 / [email protected]


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