Water is essential for human life. Finding and distributing clean drinking water has been a challenge globally for many centuries.

Today, most consumers get their drinking water from three main sources:

Water has varying characteristics depending on the water’s source. Water can be collected from surface sources such as rivers, streams, lakes, and glaciers.  Water can also come from underground sources such as wells, springs, and aquifers.

Precipitation is another source of water, resulting from rain and snow, and it can also be made from sea water using desalination technology. Additionally, most water contains naturally occurring dissolved minerals and chemicals, which within set limits are safe to consume.

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“This year’s conference theme—ParticipateLearnSucceed—punctuates the idea that the assemblage of IBWA members and industry leaders for face-to-face meetings and networking encourages growth and success. When we gather together to exchange ideas, concerns, and experiences, we build a stronger bottled water community. In turn, that professional community works to ensure not only the success of our industry and association but also your individual companies. Our annual conference and tabletop trade show is an event not to be missed, no matter what role you play in the bottled water industry.”

— Joe Doss, IBWA President

The IBWA Annual Business Conference is the only national bottled water-centric event held in the United States. While the numbers show a 3.5% growth in bottled water sales in 2010 (according to the latest market figures from Beverage Marketing Corporation), most businesses are still diligently watching their bottom lines. So, when deciding whether to attend a conference or participate in any educational experience, it makes sense to ensure your return-on-investment.

“Success is where preparation and opportunity meet.”

— Bobby Unser, U.S. automobile racer

IBWA Bottled Water Reporter – Conference Issue provides you with all the information you need.

BE PROACTIVE – Attend the 2011 IBWA Annual Business Conference, September 26-30, 2011, in Las Vegas, Nevada and select among the many components that enable you to ParticipateLearnSucceed:

    • 25+ Education Sessions offering 18.5 continuing education credits (CEUs)
    • Supplier/Bottler Prescheduled Speed Appointments
    • Tabletop Trade Show
    • IBWA General Session and Annual Business Meeting
    • IBWA Board of Directors and Committee Meetings
    • Drinking Water Research Foundation (DWRF) Golf Tournament
    • IBWA Chairman’s Hospitality Reception
    • CPO Exam
    • Plant Tour of the Southern Nevada Water Authority
    • Complimentary Registration to PACK EXPO (over 1,600 packaging exhibitors) for IBWA Conference Registrants


…and last, but certainly not least—a $89 room rate at the MGM Grand Hotel!


For Conference and Tabletop Trade Show Information: Contact Michele Campbell, Director of Conventions, Trade Shows, and Meetings at 703-647-4606 or via email [email protected].


For Membership Information: Contact Dennis Carpenter, Manager of Member Services at 703-647-4615 or via email [email protected].

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