Since 1961, IBWA has been faithfully taking time to pause and acknowledge that, without the dedication of our member companies and their staff, the bottled water industry would not enjoy its past or current success. Thus, IBWA is proud to announce that we are now accepting applications for the 2024 IBWA Awards Program. The winners will be announced during IBWA’s General Session at the 2024 IBWA Annual Business Conference and Trade Show, November 4-7, in Chicago, Illinois (in conjunction with PACK EXPO).

Award Categories

IBWA/Kristin Safran Directors’ Award

This award recognizes IBWA members whose advocacy, commitment, or actions on behalf of IBWA and the bottled water industry have achieved clear and measurable results. Only IBWA Board of Directors, Executive Committee members, and Committee Chairs may provide candidate nominations for the Directors’ Award.

Environmental Stewardship Award

The Environmental Stewardship Award recognizes member companies that have excelled in creating and implementing sustainable environmental projects and conservation measures.

Product Innovation Award

The Product Innovation Award celebrates the creativity and ingenuity found in the bottled water industry. 

Supplier of the Year Award

IBWA’s Supplier of the Year award highlights the outstanding performance of our supplier members and recognizes the innovations they produce that help make bottled water better.

Plant Manager of the Year Award

Plant managers ensure, on a daily basis, that your bottled water is a safe product for your customers. The IBWA Plant Manager of the Year Award recognizes their hard work and dedication to their companies and the bottled water industry. 

Bottled Water Hall of Fame

The 2024 Bottled Water Hall of Fame Award, sponsored by IBWA, is a prestigious award honoring individuals, living or deceased, who have made significant contributions to the bottled water industry and their communities. The Bottled Water Hall of Fame award offers the bottled water industry a unique opportunity to honor its outstanding leaders.

IBWA/Selby Advocacy Award ("The Selby")

The IBWA/Selby Advocacy Award acknowledges an individual or organization whose advocacy efforts have had a positive impact on the national/global conversation about and larger public policy issues important to the bottled water industry.  

Route Salesperson of the Year Award

Route salesperson are truly the face of the bottled water industry. This award recognizes those individuals who go above-and-beyond in how they represent your company and interact with your customers on a daily basis.  

Up-and-Comer Recognition

IBWA’s “Up-and-Comer” recognition identifies the most talented and promising individuals who have been working in the bottled water industry for five years or less. 


If you have questions, please contact IBWA Coordinator of Conferences, Meetings, and Programs Amy Witt:  [email protected].