How Much Does Bottled Water Cost?

How Much Does Bottled Water Cost?

According to the Beverage Marketing Corporation (BMC), the average wholesale price per gallon of domestic non-sparkling bottled water was $1.23 in 2021. As a popular retail food product, bottled water is available at many differing price points.

BMC also notes that research shows consumers most often tend to buy bottled water in bulk from supermarkets or large discount retailers as they often prefer to purchase bottled water in cost-saving volume.

Where did consumers buy bottled water in 2021?

      • 46.4%   Mass merchandisers/club stores/dollar stores/online (where the price per gallon is generally much lower)
      • 32.3%   Grocery stores
      • 6.4%     Convenience stores (where the price per gallon is likely to be higher)
      • 1.2%     Drug stores

(*The remaining 13.7% is accounted for through vending, food service, schools, stadiums, and other sales.)