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Bottled Water is a Very Efficient Water User

When compared to other packaged beverages, bottled water is the most efficient water user, using the least amount of water to produce one liter of product, and that includes the liter consumed. For more information see Music by...

Bottled Water – small water use, big health benefits

This cool video shows how bottled water is a very small and very efficient water user that spares people of billions of calories when they choose to drink water over other packaged drinks. The video compares the water use footprint of bottled water to other industries...

IBWA Interviewed on The Weather Channel (8.14.14)

IBWA vice president of communications Chris Hogan is interviewed live on the Weather Channel for a segment on the bottled water industry and California’s drought. He discusses the fact that the amount of water used for bottling water in the U.S. is very small...

Meet Norman – Episode 2

In this episode, Norman demonstrates his appreciation for the accessibility and convenience of bottled water. After changing his lifestyle to become more healthy, Norman finds he’s always on the go and is happy to see bottled water is always at arms reach.

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