Earth911 Label Recycling Program

Earth911 Label Recycling Program

Earth911 is the official recycling partner of the bottled water industry.

Earth911 is the premier recycling resource, operating North America’s largest directory of local recycling and proper disposal options through the award winning website Earth911 helps companies address Extended Producer Responsibility / product end-of-use, demonstrate compliance, and engage consumers.

Since 1991, Earth911 has appeared on over 15 billion consumer products

across a wide range of industries.


On Product Solutions – endorsed by IBWA as an end of life solution for bottled water.

Earth911 can help your business address extended producer responsibility through licensed on-product solutions. For $0.0005 per single use container, or $0.01 per HOD container, connect consumers with proper disposal options for your products with the only solution endorsed by the US Environmental Protection Agency and Department of Energy.

generic-water-bottle.pngBusiness Impact:

Focus on your core business

Reduce risk and improve regulatory positioning

Align with retail sustainability strategies

Improve brand reputation

Increase competitive advantage

Improve perception of company management

Maintain or boost morale

According to a recent Natural Marketing Institute study, half of US consumers are influenced by on-product proper disposal messaging. When comparing equal products, influenced consumers are 5 times more likely to purchase the product with proper disposal messaging.


Media Offerings

Save money by letting Earth911 drive your sustainability message through targeted advertising, sponsorships, original content, and social media.


Recycling Data

Need to understand recycling availability and trends, or create compliance reports? Earth911 can streamline your recycling research and help you design for recycling at a fraction of the time and cost of traditional market research.


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