April 2022 Toolkit

POST ON APRIL 6, NATIONAL WALKING DAY: Have you smiled like this today? If not, it’s time for a break! Both walking and drinking water have been scientifically proven to boost your mood—and these activities are especially appropriate today, on #NationalWalkingDay. For the research, check out bit.ly/3Ie0dZu (dehydration impairs mood in men), bit.ly/3qaaT5b (mild dehydration affects mood in women), and bit.ly/3qHLU9w (walking boosts mood). #DrinkMoreWater #StayHealthy

a group of people sitting on a bench

POST ON APRIL 10, NATIONAL SIBLINGS DAY: Some of your best memories are the ones you make with your siblings. Even through the childhood quarrels, you’ve always wanted the best for each other. Grab some bottled water and take a moment today on #NationalSiblingsDay to chat with your first friend—let them know just how much you love and appreciate them! #FamilyFirst #HealthyHydration #DrinkWater

POST ON APRIL 11, NATIONAL PET DAY: Are you aware of the health benefits of having a pet? Research shows that pet ownership may help relieve stress, lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels, and boost overall happiness. Today, on #NationalPetDay, spend some quality one-on-one time with your four-legged best friend! Enjoy a nice, long stroll or play an extended game of fetch in the yard—just remember to keep them hydrated! Learn more: bit.ly/3IIYOua #DrinkMoreWater #PetHealth

POST ANY DAY: DID YOU KNOW? Bottled water containers are 100% recyclable. Remember to always replace the cap on the bottle before putting your empty container in the recycle bin, so it’s properly reclaimed and recycled. #Recycling #DrinkMoreWater

POST ANY DAY: The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) monitors and inspects bottled water products and processing plants under its food safety program to ensure bottled water produced in the United States is 100% safe for public consumption. When FDA inspects any plant, it verifies that the plant’s product water and water supply are obtained from an approved source. FDA also inspects standard operating procedures that are part of bottling operations. Learn more: bit.ly/3KZiU59


POST ANY DAY: The bottled water industry is an extremely small water user. Data from the USGS (@USGS), the Beverage Industry Environmental Roundtable (@BIERoundtable), and Beverage Marketing Corporation (@bevmarketing) shows that of all the water used in the United States, bottled water production uses just 0.01%.

POST ANY DAY: Learn why the focus should be on plastic waste, not plastics, in this episode of the “H2O In The Know” podcast. In this episode, we discuss plastic waste management, focusing on the need to improve recycling infrastructure in the United States and abroad, and provide facts you can introduce into any conversation about ocean plastics. Listen here: bit.ly/3utbjVF.

POST ANY DAY: It’s important that we pay attention to our hydration habits as we age because the older we get, the more we lose our thirst sensation. Remember to sip water throughout the day to help stave off dehydration. If you’re feeling thirsty, you’re already mildly dehydrated—and being dehydrated can affect your mood, energy levels, and mental awareness! Learn more: bit.ly/Armstrong_DrinkMoreWater #DrinkMoreWater