March 2023 Toolkit

March 1: National Kidney Month

March is #NationalKidneyMonth. Do you know how to keep your kidneys happy? One way is to lower your risk of developing chronic kidney disease by consuming plenty of fluids, especially water, to help the kidneys clear sodium and toxins from the body. Learn More: #DrinkMoreWater

Any Day: Convenience

⏰ Time to take a water break! Research shows that taking water breaks regularly will help you stay hydrated and mentally sharp. Want to make sure you always have #HealthyHydration on hand? A home or office water cooler is a great way to ensure convenient, safe, FDA-regulated bottled water is always available to keep dehydration at bay! Learn More:

March 8: International Women’s Day

On International Women’s Day, we’d like to take a moment to thank the strong, admirable, and courageous women in our lives—we’d be lost without you! #InternationalWomensDay


Any Day: Regulation

Bottled water is the healthiest packaged beverage option available and is regulated by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), which works to ensure that all bottled water products are safe for consumption. That process includes approving the packaging materials used for bottled water containers. Learn more: #BottledWater #DrinkMoreWater

March 11: Daylight Savings Time

Daylight savings time officially begins at 2:00 a.m. tomorrow morning! ⏰ While setting those clocks forward an hour, remember to also bring water to bed to stay hydrated throughout the night! #DrinkMoreWater #SpringForward

Any Day: Healthy Hydration

Have you left the house today? If you haven’t, consider this your reminder to get outside! Take a water break, stretch your legs, and go get some fresh air—and remember to take #BottledWater with you to help keep you hydrated and healthy! #HealthyHydration

March 17: St. Patrick’s Day

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! ???? Just remember: #BottledWater is your friend! It’s always a good idea to drink responsibly, so pace yourself when it comes to the adult beverages. Drinking water throughout the day can help keep the headaches away and make waking up tomorrow much easier! #StPatricksDay #DrinkMoreWater

Any Day: Recycle Right

Making new plastic bottles from recycled bottles uses 84% less energy than when using virgin materials. If you’re putting your empty drink containers in the recycling bin without the cap on or if you’re crushing the bottle, you’re not recycling right. Listen to this episode of the H2O In The Know podcast to learn how to properly recycle your empty bottles and more about recycling with Laura Stewart, Executive Director for the National Association for PET Container Resources (NAPCOR): #Recycling #BottledWater

March 20: First Day of Spring

It’s time to put the heavy coats away because the spring equinox is here! ???? Celebrate the #FirstDayofSpring by spending time outdoors – but don’t forget your bottled water! #DrinkMoreWater #Recycle

Any Day: FDA Regulations

Bottled water is the ideal healthy hydration beverage. Refreshing, portable, and safe, bottled water is stringently regulated by FDA as a food product. By law, FDA regulations governing the safety and quality of bottled water must be as protective of the public health as the EPA’s standards for tap water. Learn more: #DrinkMoreWater #TakeItWithYou #Recycle

Any Day: Convenience

Bottled water comes in various sizes, including returnable 5-gallon bottles. These larger bottles are a perfect #HealthyHydration convenience—especially nowadays when we are spending more time at home. #DrinkMoreWater #BottledWater

Any Day: Health

You already know that your hydration level can affect the way you feel and function throughout the day. A lack of fluids can make you sluggish, irritable, and off your game. It doesn’t take much to become dehydrated. If you have a dry mouth or feel fatigued – you’re already there! That’s why it’s important to sip water throughout the day to help stay hydrated. Learn More: #DrinkMoreWater